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Backyard Hive Installation & Management

Wilmington, NC

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Bring life

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Our mission is to provide an opportunity to experience a calming and inspiring aspect of nature right in your own backyard. We aim to brighten people's days, ignite curiosity, and offer a unique educational experience. In doing so, we hope to highlight the importance of all pollinators - native bees and honeybees alike.  

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How it Works


 Free Consultation

We visit your site and together, we choose the best location for your honeybee hive.

Ask us all your questions!



We bring your honeybee hive!

All equipment and bees are included.



We visit as needed (every 2-4 weeks) to care for the bees. We keep you informed along the way about all the fascinating things going on inside your hive. 

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Backyard Honey

It doesn't get more local than this! We harvest each client's honey individually, so you know you're getting honey from your own backyard. Any honey the bees are able to spare, is yours.

Help our pollinators

Pollinators are an essential part of our food system. Unfortunately, they face many challenges and need all the help they can get. Support for honeybees is support for all pollinators because it encourages less pesticide use and more planting.


An aesthetic addition 

Our wax dipped wooden hive boxes are beautiful. They blend in naturally with any outdoor space. It's also fun to have the honeybee energy close by, and to watch them busy at their hive entrance.

Why get honeybees?

Neighborhood pollination

Your own garden as well as plants within a 3 mile radius will benefit from the presence of honeybees. Your neighbors with gardens will thank you!

Connect to nature

Our detailed visit summaries allow you to stay connected with the happenings in the hive. Just like watching the trees change as season go by, you'll see how the bees evolve with the rhythms of the year. It's amazing how much there is to learn.

Support local 

Our bees are supplied by local beekeepers who work hard to keep their honeybees thriving. We support small operations who mindfully manage colonies.

What We Do

Full Service Beekeeping

Join our community! This all inclusive program provides equipment, honeybees, year-round hive management, honey harvesting and delivery, visit summaries, and an on-call beekeeper to answer your questions. Nature-loving homeowners and businesses are encouraged to reach out.



These lessons are for those who already have bees or have taken a course, and need some hands - on assistance. We provide an assessment of what's happening in your hive and guidance for next steps. 

Hive Tours

Small groups can sign up to join us for a check of one of our hives. This can be a unique learning experience for children, older adults, or as a company event.


Speaking Events

Do you have a group interested in beekeeping? Book us to speak at your next event!

Swarm Removal

Swarm season happens from around March - June. Feel free to call us if you see a swarm. We will safely remove it and provide those bees with a home.

Home: What We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need?

Not as much as you probably think! The equipment itself only takes up a few square feet of space, but we want to be sure the hive isn't installed in a high traffic area of your yard. The bees have a defined flight path when they leave the entrance that we don't want to interfere with. That being said - we've seen bees do well in as small a space as a single apartment balcony. We'll work together to find the best spot for you, the bees, and the beekeepers. 

How much honey will I get?

Good question, but if you're only in it for the honey - support a local beekeeper by buying from them! We can't guarantee a certain amount of honey because it all depends on the bees, the weather, the forage available, etc. In general we like to make at least one harvest for you per year. And don't worry, we always leave more than enough for the bees and only take their surplus.

What happens if my bees die? 

We do everything we can to make sure they thrive, but unfortunately this can happen. Bees face many challenges today, including pesticide use, habitiat loss, and varroa mites. As long as you are under contract with us for the full service program, your beehive will be replaced at no additional cost to you, as soon as bees become available. 

Do I need a garden?

You don't! Honeybees can fly up to 3-5 miles to get the food they need. So, while flowers close by will benefit and be beneficial, it's not necessary. 

What happens in the winter?

Some people are surprised to learn that the honeybee hive can stay in the same location all year long. We continue to care for the bees for as long as you want.

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